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Cooler Bags New Zealand takes pride giving you the most innovative, trendy and practical cooler bags on today's market. We can all remember those days of the polystyrene foam Chilly Bins or even monstrous hard case Chilly Bin chests that have been used in the past. These days there are more practical solutions for Cooler Bags and Accessories which make them easy to use during many day-to-day situations. Our range includes Back Pack Coolers, Rolling Coolers, and Coolers with music, Lunch Box Coolers, Cooler Tote Bags, Wine Coolers, Outdoor Coolers, Party Coolers and much more!

Backpack Cooler Bags are a very versatile option for New Zealand’s changeable weather conditions and are one of this country's personal favorites. Many of these great bags have individual sections located in different parts of the bag which is suitable for storing a variety items. Backpacks are great for outside conditions and can be used to carry a variety of food and beverages. This cooler is a lightweight portable solution and they are great for places such as the beach or local park.

Our innovative rolling cooler bags with wheels and a perfect solution for carrying a large amount of goodies. With large insulated main compartments, you can certainly pack a truckload of drinks or food into this very portable cooler bag. They are also easy to clean and easy to store away when not in use. Perfect for any hard surface, the wheels of the bottom of the bag allow for fast easy transportation.

Trades and workmates can now appreciate the benefits of lunch box coolers. We have a large assortment of lunch box coolers suitable for New Zealand's conditions. These coolers are made from the best quality materials which will ensure your bags are around for a very long time. Not only can cool items be placed into the bag, hot items such as thermos flasks and soupes can also be added.

Tote bags are now are very stylish accessory for many people to use. Some people may also like to call these bags Fashion Coolers. They are used for general use daily by our great for situations such as trips to the beach, market days, events or conferences. The other major benefit of their using these bags is their unique compact nature. Insulated Cooler Tote Bags can fold down to a fraction of their size and can store into any small compartment such as a glove box or car boot. Longer handles are also a standard feature of this particular bag which is great for ease of use.

Our Cooler Wine Bags are a great accessory for any bottle of wine. Cooler Wine Bags are great for a variety of uses. These include picnics and dinners. They also make a fantastic gift for your clients or business associates. Made from a variety of materials including nylon, PVC and leather these stylish bags certainly have their place. Perfect for keeping your chosen beverage at the perfect temperature every time.

Contact our staff today to discuss your requirements. We offer generous discounts for large volume orders and also provide a fully customisable cooler bag option with minimum quantities upon your orders. All of our bags can be printed or decorated with your customised message or logo. Most of the bags are normally screen printed or embroidered to your requirements. Our Cooler Bags can be delivered to you within the shortest time frames possible. Need a sample before you order? Contact us now and talk to one of our friendly staff to assist your decision.


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